The main principle of Playbag’s work is its focus on impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design.  Playbag is very popular Czech based backpacks and accessories brand with experimental approach to its choice of materials. And that is why they  are amongst the pioneers of using Malai in their products.

You can find products from Malai by Playbag at their online store or at the showroom in Zizkov, Prague.


LEEDA is a well established Czech fashion brand founded in 2003 in Prague. Leeda focuses on creating apparel and accessories with high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. It is known for its signature “floating” robes and dresses that are draped and clipped with straps – now made from Malai.

To know more about Leeda click here.

CLAF Chodov

Czech Labels and Friends is a space concentrating on bringing together  Czech and Slovak fashion. This concept store / gallery is situated in Chodov, Prague with more than 100 brands and designers who respect craft, enjoy creating and who think not only about themselves but also about the environment.

We are currently displaying our coconut wall installation at this inspiring place together with prototypes of accessories from our own studio and briefcases made by Czech company Kazeto.

At CLAF you can also purchase clutch and clip straps made from malai designed and produced by previously mentioned brand Leeda.

The installation will be hosted at CLAF until the end of December 2018 and soon more products made from Malai will be available there, stay tuned!

To read more about CLAF click here.