Malai is highly customisable when it comes to weight. The higher the weight the stronger the material. Thinner weights are more flexible and softer. We can accomodate the material weight depending on your application.


Malai soft 

300-500 gsm

Material suitable for fashion application with smooth finish and soft feel. We recommend to back it up with an adhesive lining in order to increase the strength.


Malai medium

550-650 gsm

Material suitable for fashion accessories, stationary, packaging and furnishings application. This range has more textured surface finish, remains flexible and has a medium soft feel. We recommend to back it up with an adhesive lining.


Malai strong

700-1000 gsm

Material suitable for  furnishing application, interior surface design, stationary. Malai strong is more structural, textures and has a rougher, more rigid feel.

We currently offer Malai in matt, semi-glossy and glossy finish.

All our coatings are biodegradable, either water-based or oil-based.

We can make malai practically in any shape of size, but currently we are able to supply it max. 120×80 cm large sheets.

Should you have a special requirement and want to have you malai made into specific 2d pattern to eliminate material wastage, drop us an email and we ll discuss with you the possibility of growing malai into the shape.