Malai is a material with character. It comes with a natural texture that if desired can be smoothened by using calendering process.

The best way to cut trough malai of any thickness is to use an sharp blade knife. We also recommend to cut Malai with a pair of sharp scissors.

Malai is also suitable for laser cutting.

Pieces of Malai can be joined using hand or machine sewing, glueing or any other technique you would probably use for joining leather and its imitations. Please use industrial or leather sewing machine for better results – material is quite robust.

We do recommend to back Malai with an adhesive lining if the gsm is lower than 600. We are working on improving this and we hope to bring the results of our material research to you as soon as possible.

Embossing – Malai can be embossed using stamps or any kind of leather \ textile embossing machine.


Printing – Malai can be screen printed on using pigments suitable for cellulosic fibres


Finishing edges – if left untouched, cut edges of malai can fringe slightly over time and wear. We recommend to seal them applying wax, water-based glue or secure them with a single line of stitching.